How much are you? 

We’re afraid there isn’t a simple answer to this. We need to take into consideration where you’d like us to travel to and how long you’d like us to play. If you like what you’ve seen and are interested in Colloosion playing for your event, send us an enquiry letting us know as many details as possible and one of the band will come back to you. 

How long do you play for? 

Again, this will depend on you but a ‘normal’ gig for us is two 1 1/4 hour (75 minute) sets with a break in between.

We can help plan timings for your event if you’re unsure. We’ve been doing this for years so know what works. We advise finding out what time the curfew is for your venue and work backwards from there. 

How much space do you need and how long do you need to set up? 

We need a minimum of 6m x 4m or  18ft x 12ft in old money. Ideally we’d take as much room as you can give us but so we’re not sat on the drummers lap we do need a little breathing space. 

Please allow at least 1 1/2 hours for us to set up and sound check. We don’t travel light and have a lot of equipment. This is the part most people never see but is necessary. 

Can you learn our first dance for us? 

We will always try and accommodate your requests. Sometimes however a song is impossible, Debs has got a pretty great vocal range but sometimes things don’t translate. If this were to happen we can always play your song via cd/ iPhone/ iPad and then start the set as planned. 

What about music before and after you play? 

We can provide background music to entertain guests before, during our break and after we play. 

Note: this is not a dj service. 

We have our own playlist can you play it?

Of course we can. We have lots of customers who want their own sound track to accompany the evening. We just need an MP3 player or iPad to connect to our PA.